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Masaki Matcha

Premium organic matcha from Japan

Find ceremonial and cooking grade, premium organic matcha sourced from the finest tea growing regions in Japan. Our matchas is rich in antioxidants and amino acids for the greatest health benefits. Harness the power of L-theanine for calm, focused attention. We ship and store only small batches of the freshest, seasonal matcha to ensure the highest quality product reaches your doorstep every time.

The color of the superior grade is richer and more green, and the flavor is sweet and grassy. Ceremonial grade matcha is ground into a fine velvety powder that produces a creamy foam when whisked.

our matcha is Fresh!

We only import small batches at time!

We only import small batches at time, to ensure the tea reaching our customers remains fresh. Since matcha is a whole food that undergoes minimal processing, freshness is very important. Smaller batches mean that tea moves through the warehouse quickly, and doesn’t sit in the warehouse going stale. Our small batches are limited so you are only receiving the absolute best matcha that we offer with vibrant taste and consistent quality.

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