Benefits of Hemp Tea

The concept of drinking tea has evolved with time. Many researchers over the years have successfully proven the benefits it can have on a person’s health, mood, as well as sleeping habits, which has brought more people towards it.

Capitulated from the cannabis plant, Hemp is a herb loaded with fiber. Unlike marijuana, which comes from the same plant, it does not get you high and doesn’t have any other side effects if consumed in right amounts. Hemp tea is prepared the same way you make other teas, by simply soaking the leaves in water, be it hot or cold, depending on your preference.

The use of Hemp tea is gaining popularity among those who are seeking an alternative to smoking or consuming solid matters available in the cannabis family. It can be a beneficial replacement for any product that contains high levels of THC. Hemp tea possesses as little as 0.2% of THC, which leaves no place for concern over the psychoactive influence THC has on users when consumed in high quantity.

The tradition of drinking tea started from Asia during primordial times, and has now become a widespread custom practiced in most parts of the world. However, the ingredients used to make tea vary from country to country, and if we zero in on personal preferences then it usually varies from one person’s needs to another person’s desires.

Typically, a tea is made with infusing tea leaves in a specific amount of water, but as per other requirements, tea leaves can be replaced by flowers, seeds and herbs or a blend of all of these to suit the consumer’ wishes.


How to prepare Hemp Tea

Tea is also famous for calming one’s nerves and having a soothing effect on a person’s body. Hemp tea, with its mild qualities, gives you a feeling of tranquility, just like green tea does, making you feel good and lively in general.

Drop a teaspoon of your Hemp tea mix into a cup – one full teaspoon is good enough for a standard sized cup. Drench it in hot water by filling your cup up to its maximum capacity. How strong you want your tea to be will determine the amount of time you need to let it sit in water. You can start by saturating it for 2-5 minutes and eventually decide for yourself how much longer would be suitable for you.

It tastes almost like your other standard herbal teas, with a pleasant smell and look. You can drink your Hemp tea whichever way you want to have it, but it is a good idea to mix it up with some sugar, artificial sweetener, or milk for added pleasure. Squeezing a bit of lemon into your tea is also a great way to spike up the flavor!


Benefits of Hemp Tea