All about Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is generally consumed by young bees as their food and around 40% of it is protein. By the amount of work bees put in on a daily basis, you can guess how much strength must be stored in these teeny tiny gemstones.

These edible gemstones are a miraculous gift to us from Mother Nature, They are fully packed with nourishing components that provide us with almost all the nutrients we need for healthy living. Having a high amount of protein in them, bee pollen alone can assist with fulfilling all our protein requirements that we otherwise have to collect from different protein sources such as eggs, beans, and meat. If you eat a bit of bee pollen every day, you will be free to skip on the other protein power meals that you had to take purely out of need, hence, no more undesirable foods to endure!

What makes all this protein so easily digestible for our body is the fact that almost half of bee pollen’s protein is in the free form of amino acids, which makes it all the more effortless for our body to use this form of nutrition and put it all directly to work!

A mind boggling fact regarding bee pollen is that it is not possible to produce this gem of a food in a laboratory. It so happens that when natural pollen-filled combs are replaced with man-made ones in a bee’s home, for the purpose of research, even with all the known nutrients and minerals present in the food produced in labs, the bee is unable to survive on that for long.

Another amazing fact about this super-food is that it has got some elements and components that researchers still have not been unable to identify. This means that apart from all the remarkable known properties of this product, it also contains something bees put in there, without letting it be explicable for humans. Indeed, a mystery yet to be solved, but too baffling to decipher even for the researchers. Many have shared their thoughts on this fact by stating that perhaps this is the reason why this product is so miraculous in its ways of treating and helping with various health issues.

For those of you who have to battle with exhaustion every day; here is a product that will become your best friend once you see how quickly it can boost your energy and make you go bouncing from one chore to another, without breaking a sweat! Bee pollen is your natural energizer loaded with an assortment of nutrients, with carbohydrates and proteins hard at work on one hand, and B vitamins making you rich in health on the other hand.

Bees work extremely hard to collect all this pollen. One teaspoon of pollen that you take co

mes after a whole month’s effort on a bee’s part, who nearly works eight hours per day. A single bee pollen comb has 2 million pollen grains from flowers, which makes one teaspoon of this product have over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen.

Over flowing with all the nutritional components, bee pollen should be considered as a proper food and can be taken during your preferred mealtime. It is said about it that it works even better when taken with fruits and at breakfast, because of the cleansing the combination of these two carries out in your intestine, leaving you with a happy stomach.


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