Oganiko Matcha

Oganiko Matcha –  ceremonial and cooking grade, premium organic matcha sourced from the finest tea growing regions in Japan. Our matchas are rich in antioxidants and amino acids for the greatest health benefits. Harness the power of L-theanine for calm, focused attention. We ship and store only small batches of the freshest, seasonal matcha to ensure the highest quality product reaches your doorstep every time.

It’s organic

Our teas are organic and are certified by the Japanese Organic Association (JAS) and UK’s Soil Association. 

We  how important it is for our consumers to have premium organic matcha. That is why we support farmers who are willing to overcome the barriers of organic farming to produce only the very best premium teas.

What colour is your matcha?

There is unfortunately a lot of brownish stale matcha floating around in the market.  Following months of detailed research – tasting the good, the bad and the ugly – we are  proud to present you with a range of premium organic Japanese matcha teas that truly have a fresh green colour! 

Good matcha is known for its vibrant green color. The greener the better. The green is all natural and comes through shading of the tea plant which then leads to a higher production of chlorophyll. Lower quality matcha often has a yellowish/brownish hue, meaning it was not properly shaded, has oxidized and/or was harvested from the lower stalk of the plant – there is plenty of it our there!

We sell two grades of Matcha 

Masaki Matcha – Superior Grade – Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Ceremonial Organic Matcha is our top quality, high grade matcha. Ceremonial organic matcha is best enjoyed as a hot beverage or in tea ceremony. The color of the superior grade is richer and more green, and the flavor is sweet and grassy. Ceremonial grade matcha is ground into a fine velvety powder and produces a creamy foam when whisked.

Masaki Matcha – Premium Grade – Culinary Organic Matcha

Culinary organic matcha is a more budget friendly way to enjoy organic, superfood tea. Culinary matcha grade is often used in smoothies, lattes, and in cooking. The color is still a vibrant green but is less sweet than ceremonial matcha. The flavor is more astringent and powerful. This stronger flavor makes culinary grade matcha perfect for when you are preparing matcha lattes, matcha cakes, cookies, and frostings, as well as matcha smoothies. Enjoy the benefits of matcha more often by including it in your diet widely with our culinary grade matcha.

Matcha production

The preparation of matcha starts several weeks before harvest, when tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight. This slows down growth, stimulates an increase in chlorophyll levels, turns the leaves a darker shade of green, and causes the production of amino acids, in particular theanine. Only the finest tea buds are hand-picked for processing of matcha.

Once the leaves are harvested, they undergo a quick steaming process. The tea leaves are then dried and eventually ground up into powder after going through extensive processing. The texture or grind of premium quality matcha is 10 microns whereas coarser ground equals lower quality.

Freshly ground matcha is then packaged for shipment and released to the public as quickly as possible. Since matcha is a perishable food product, and such care is taken to preserve its fine qualities, getting the freshest matcha possible is very important. Some fine matcha, know as “first flush” is highly anticipated and is only available for a few weeks of the year.

Fresh, finely produced matcha will have a sweet, grassy taste and a beautiful vibrant green color.